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Bada Better Be Badass

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Samsung is saying all the right things about its new mobile application development platform they have chosen to call Bada (ocean in Korean) : open, simple, developer-friendly, Web services enabled and capable of delivering rich UI experiences. At this point it is hard to judge the merits behind any of these claims based solely on this PR-approved announcement.

What is interesting though is that Samsung believes there is an under-served community of users and developers in the feature phone category that lack compelling application development and distribution mechanisms. Companies such as GetJar, Handango and Bonjourno address the distribution side but do not offer anything substantial on the development side. Clearly Samsung believes that it can offer something better than J2ME & MIDP and that they can emulate Apple in monetizing the apps.

It is a safe bet to predict that Bada will follow the web app based development model pioneered by Palm’s WebOS. Let’s hope they have better luck than Palm in attracting developers to adopt the platform. With the iPhone and the multitude of Android App Stores hogging so much developer attention it is going to be quite a slog for Samsung to get developers to consider Bada. They could grease the wheels by giving developers a bigger cut of the revenue pie than the existing app stores. The other challenge for them is ensuring the performance of the framework is acceptable on these devices that don’t pack the processing punch of the more capable smartphones.


Written by Varma Chanderraju

November 12, 2009 at 6:28 pm

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