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Apple’s Approach

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From GigaOM’s coverage of the March 2nd iPad2 Launch Event

Jobs is talking about how Apple has a holistic approach that marries tech and the liberal arts, humanity. He says competitors who talk about speed and specs are not getting it. Post-PC devices need to be easier and more intuitive. Software, hardware and applications are all intertwined. Apple things its on the right track with its approach

In a nutshell that’s a critical reason why Apple continues to outsell rivals. Apple firmly believes that raw computing power is just an enabler, a means to an end but not the end. It’s ultimately about harnessing the technology to empower the user to do something “magical.”  The innovators and early adopters tend to be the ones that base their buying decisions on specs. The mass market gravitates towards ease of use and intuitive interfaces. Apple puts those two front and center and is willing to make the hard compromises necessary to ruthlessly enforce the primacy of those two attributes.

While I admire what Apple has done with the iPhone and iPad, I would like to see others provide compelling alternatives. That’s why it’s been disappointing to see how Apple’s competitors are articulating the value-proposition of their products especially in their ad-campaigns. Please tell the consumers what they can do with your tablets and smart-phones and not what’s powering them.



Written by Varma Chanderraju

March 2, 2011 at 12:25 pm

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